Amalfi coast wedding photographer – Jessica and Mattew

Everytime  I shoot an Amalfi Coast wedding, I’m surprised by the magic I breathe.
I don’t know why.
Maybe the ambience and atmosphere, maybe the environment, a big cliff on the blue sea.
Or maybe just because in Amalfi Coast I always meet special people.
As in this case: Jessica and Mattew are two special hearts.
They have honest eyes, a fascinate smile and they stay together in a way that makes me feel good.
They got married in Ravello, in a little garden near the city hall.

Thank you to Veronica ( ) for helping me.

What Jessica and Mattew say: “…..Immediately upon receiving an email from Luca, he stood out from the rest. Planning a wedding from 5,000 miles away requires that you truly trust the vendors you are working with to show up and deliver, I instantly felt that I could trust Luca to meet our expectations.

We were both nervous leading up to our wedding because we hadn’t had the opportunity to meet Luca and his partner, Veronica. We wondered if we would “like” them or if it would feel awkward. Luca and Veronica were wonderful. They were both an absolute delight to spend hours with. We all laughed so often and so hard. My husband and I felt comfortable around them and that is visible in our beautiful photos. They both truly have wonderful “eyes” and a great artistic ability that not all photographers possess.

Luca provided us with a sneak preview of our photos so that we could choose one to include in our wedding announcements. He did such a great job picking some photos to share. We ended up with such beautiful photos from our wedding! Everyone continuously comments on how beautiful our wedding photos are. Several have even said that they are the most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen. I have to agree with them.”

Mattew was waiting for me in a hotel terrace while Jessica was getting dressed in their room.

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To buy some old and tipical postcards was important to Mattew: here he wrote his vows.

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They met not so far from the city hall garden: the first look was so so so emotional.

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Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

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