Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer – Ess and Leo

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

To be an Amalfi Coast Wedding photographer was one of my professional goals for this year.
This was made possible by Leo and Ess.
To shoot an Amalfi Coast
 Wedding is indeed one of the better experience for each wedding photographer.
Impressive light and stunning landscape are the perfect frame for every photo.
The Amalfi coast is a magical and crazy place.
A long cliff overlooking the deep blue sea, a place where  colors seems more vivid and where smells and aromas are more intense.
Leo and Ess are from China and chosen the Amalfi Coast for their elopement…
Walking with them in Positano and Atrani, down to Conca dei Marini was an experience I will never forget.
Thank you!

amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-001 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-002 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-003 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-004 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-005 Ess and Leo chosen Il Convento, an exclusive hotel reach of cloisters ans patios where take special pictures.amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-006 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-007 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-008 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-009 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-010 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-011 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-012 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-013 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-014 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-015 Ess and Leo wanted some pics close to the rocks.
The best place is Conca dei Marini beach, where we took romantic portraits a few steps from the sea.amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-016 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-017 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-018 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-019 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-020 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-021 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-022 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-023 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-024 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-031
We finished the photo shoot walking at night in Positano, an Amalfi Coast must-see  place.amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-025 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-026 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-027 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-028 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-029 amalfi-coast-wedding-photographer-030 > Alessandro and Veronica Roncaglione, I love you guys!