I was born in Milan but now I live in a small town on the hills of Rimini, between Tuscany and Le Marche.

I love photography, of course, portraits and wedding photography in particular.

I like to drink and eat and possibly do it right.

I like reading and I love the smell of glue that only books still have … and even if there is always a Kindle in my backpack, I believe that after all I will never stop buying them.

wedding photographer Italy Luca Tibberio

I like reading with my daughter, but above all I love spend time with her and my wife.

I like traveling.
I like bbq and Steven Raichlen.

I like music, the one that makes you love a rainy day and the one that makes you dream on a sunny day … so any kind of music.

I hate overcooked pasta and hot beer.

I hate being late.

I hate “miss the boat”.

My weddings don’t follow the reportage style, but neither  the fashion  style.
I don’t believe in labels and definitions, so I simply believe you can get an idea of ​​my wedding photography just by looking at it.

I don’t like being in the spotlight in my daily life, much less during my work.

So I try to “work in the dark” as much as possible, without disturbing people who hired me.

I believe that your wedding makes sense only if this means being able to spend precious time with the people you love.