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chianti wedding photographer

Aileen and Brandon’s Intimate Tuscan Wedding at Locanda Casanuova, Chianti

In the heart of Tuscany’s vineyards, Aileen and Brandon’s wedding at Locanda Casanuova in Chianti was a celebration of love, intimacy, and the timeless beauty of the Italian countryside.

I had the privilege to be their Chianti Wedding Photographer: a celebration filled with moments of joy, elegance, and the rustic charm of this Tuscany region.

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Rustic Charm and serene beauty: Locanda Casanova in Chianti

In the middle of the picturesque landscapes of Chianti, Tuscany, Locanda Casanova beckons with its rustic elegance and timeless charm.

This enchanting retreat captures the essence of Tuscan hospitality, offering guests a tranquil escape in the heart of wine country.

With its vineyard views, authentic cuisine, and warm hospitality, Locanda Casanova invites you to experience the true spirit of Tuscany.

Locanda Casanova

chianti wedding photographer

The Magic Begins: A First Look in the Garden: the luck to be a Chianti Wedding Photographer

The day started with Aileen getting ready, surrounded by her closest friends, in the serene ambiance of Locanda Casanuova.

The anticipation in the air was palpable, as she prepared to meet Brandon for their first look.
Set in a quaint garden, this moment was a tender exchange between the couple, offering a glimpse into their deep connection and love for each other.
The garden, with its lush greenery and soft light, provided the perfect setting for capturing these intimate moments before the ceremony

The ceremony itself took place in near the fountain, under the Tuscan sun, surrounded by the natural beauty of Chianti.
The setting was intimate, with the couple exchanging vows amidst the tranquil beauty of Locanda Casanuova’s landscapes.
The emotion and love shared during the ceremony were a photographer’s dream, allowing me to capture the essence of their bond in every shot.

chianti wedding photographer


As the sun set over the hills of Chianti, the celebration continued with a dinner that epitomized intimacy and elegance. A single table was set up in the courtyard of the farm, an aspect that made the atmosphere even more special.

This unique setup allowed for a family-style gathering, where guests could share stories, laughter, and toast to Aileen and Brandon’s future together. The warm glow of string lights and candles added a magical touch to the evening, creating a cozy ambiance that was both inviting and photographically stunning.

From the first look in the garden to the heartfelt ceremony and the intimate dinner under the stars, every moment was a crazy celebration of their love, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Italy countryside.



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