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Aileen and Brandon are form U.S. and have decided to get married on a cozy and elegant farm.
Yes, let’s say that if you had the chance to visit the charming Locanda Casanuova you would have thought that it is the perfect location for a destination wedding in Italy.
It is in fact surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, and offers guests many charming corners from where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Tuscan Chianti.

Aileen, the bride, got ready supported by friends and bridesmaids in a very particular room of the Villa. Even the time of preparation requires a fascinating setting. My photos are always set, because a story necessarily includes a place where facts happen, where emotions also depend on the senses, and in places like this the sight, the touch, the smell of the wood of ancient houses trigger sensations that always they enchant those who live them. Moreover, the atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed, an aspect that made it easy to create spontaneous photos!

Brandon waited for her Aileen in a small and lush garden. They needed a private, unforgettable moment: the first look, the moment when the bride and groom choose to meet for the first time away from the guests is always so exciting!
Every timeI document that particular moment I can feel the excitement of the “discovery of the other” and this time it was the same feeling.

The ceremony took place near an elegant, essential white altar set up in the heart of the Villa in a small Italian garden, with well-designed flower beds surrounding a small fountain filled with water lilies. 
Couples often choose symbolic ceremonies for their marriage and the advantage is that usually the celebrant is part of their friends or their family. Emotions are therefore even stronger, the bonds shared, the speeches refer to a past in common, to goliardic moments, to anecdotes that always excite and amuse. And all this is bread for the teeth of a wedding photographer who seeks the spontaneity and authenticity of a story. No need for forcing, no need to drive any time: things happen, promises are exchanged, kisses are many and spontaneous, as well as smiles and hugs. What more could I ask for?

Later, the wedding dinner: a single table was set up in the courtyard of the farm, an aspect that made the atmosphere even more intimate.

There is a great deal of research into the details of marriages that testifies to the care and work behind organizing such an event. Sometimes, as in this case, ancient traditions are mixed with new customs and so here is the placeholders for the guests are origami packaged by the parents. A situation of particular light, the warm light of Tuscany at sunset, illuminated the court that would host the dinner. Like the lights of a curtain that was about to rise. Everything is magic when the eyes they observe are open to beauty. And this place, these people and their relationships was beauty.

This in the Tuscan Chianti was a truly unforgettable experience, suspended between intimacy and romanticism, in which a narrative, spontaneous and natural photography was the key to creating this photo story.
Enjoy it!

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