Costa Brava wedding photographer

Costa Brava wedding photographer

Costa Brava Wedding Photographer: Capturing the Love Story of Kelly and David

When I first met David, the groom, the day before the wedding, he shared with me his personal story of how he moved to America to pursue a better job and improve his skills.
But little did he know that his life would change forever when he met Kelly, his beautiful bride-to-be.

David’s story resonated with me, being an Italian myself, I understood the close ties that Latin families have with their loved ones.
David’s family had found it difficult to accept that their only son wanted to fly so far away. However, his journey had led him to Kelly, and they had decided to start their new life together in Spain, a place that held a special significance for both of them.

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The Beauty of Costa Brava

Costa Brava, with its breathtaking vistas and captivating charm, stands out as an exquisite setting for couples seeking a destination wedding.

The azure hues of the Mediterranean Sea, the rugged yet alluring coastline, and the opulent hotels and villas dotting the landscape collectively create an enchanting backdrop for couples embarking on their journey of matrimony.
This idyllic blend of natural beauty and luxurious accommodations makes this place an unparalleled choice for those desiring a wedding day that is not only romantic but also eternally memorable.

In the embrace of Costa Brava’s coastal splendor, couples can exchange vows amidst the harmonious symphony of sea breezes and the gentle lull of waves, creating a truly magical ambiance that elevates the significance of their union.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava wedding photographer Cadaques

A Beautiful Destination Wedding in Costa Brava

Their families met for the first time that week, and the excitement and anticipation of the wedding were palpable.
As a Costa Brava wedding photographer, I knew that I had a significant responsibility to capture the joy and love that Kelly and David shared with their families and friends.

The symbolic ceremony took place in the courtyard of the beautiful Hotel El Far, overlooking the deep blue sea of Costa Brava.
The aperitif and reception followed, with everyone looking out at the sea, waiting for the evening wind to refresh us all.

Costa Brava wedding photographer

Kelly and David are such a charming, happy couple, and their love for each other was evident throughout the day. As a Costa Brava wedding photographer, it was a privilege to capture their special day, and I am grateful for the trust that they placed in me to do so.

Wedding photography is about capturing the love, joy, and emotions of the day, and as a Costa Brava wedding photographer, I strive to tell the couple’s story through my images.
From the preparation to the ceremony, the aperitif, and the reception, every moment is essential, and my goal is to create a visual narrative that the couple can treasure for years to come.

You guys are Rockstars! There’s some very powerful images right there. Really really awesome job you guys. Congratulations! 
We are so glad that you take all of these amazing photos and help us to keep the memory of that day and being able to live it again over and over again looking at your pictures. 

Costa Brava wedding photography



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Italy boasts a repertoire of breathtaking landscapes, historic venues, and a rich cultural heritage, providing an idyllic setting that combines romance with sophistication.

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