Italian Wedding Videographer

Sometime I find myself reflecting on what fatigue is.
I don’t mean the effort, for example, of carrying shopping bags up two flights of stairs under the summer sun…
… rather something similar to a long walk in the mountains (hiking is my new visceral passion) with a more or less distant destination and more or less easy to reach.
When you reach your destination, you enjoyed the journey and exceeded the limits that only your head imposed on you.
This is a great effort, an effort that improves you … which is probably the meaning of our “being”on this strange ball suspended in the air.

…adding video to the “wedding storytelling tools” that I usually have was a bit like this: starting from “I’ll never make it”, facing the difference of “step” between taking a photo and shooting a video clip, staying faithful to my stylistic vein without homologating to the others vision, respecting the elegance that I love so much and then a lot of small technical things that it is not necessary to rattle off here.
In the end I enjoyed the trip and I’m really enjoying it, also because I did it with some friends and professional of the wedding industry I respect in a particular way and this is the result.
Now I can’t wait to tell more stories, whatever they are.
Enjoy my first step as a Italian wedding videographer.


Do you have a wedding story that you would like to tell? Are you looking for a wedding videomaker and photographer? Drop me a line!

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