Maremma Wedding Photographer Tuscany

I have always associated the word Maremma with the word “maiala”, that in Italian means something like pig…. maremma maiala is a famously way of saying here in Italy…
I absolutely ignore the true meaning and I think just a true Tuscan could uncover the mistery.
What I know is that when a couple hired me as a wedding photographer in Maremma, this land was a surprise.
Maremma is a stunning area in the south of Tuscany, which has nothing to envy to the more famous Val d’Orcia , Chianti or Crete Senesi…
Maremma is a wilder area, less ordered or “tamed” in terms of landscape, but just as restful and intense.
For example, it seems that trees grow free and less constrained than cypresses.
The sunlight makes everything very alive and full of vital energy …. hard to explain
For this reason, shooting a wedding in Maremma was a wonderful experience.

Karoline and Kristian are a Norwegian couple, who chose the relais Ciavatta in Montemerano as a destination for their wedding.
I spent two days with them between welcome dinners, aperitivi in swimming pool, oil and wine tastings and a wonderful reception under an ancient oak.

The celebration took place in a beautiful olive grove right inside the relais: a small white altar and many excited friends.
Often the simplest things and the most natural set-ups are the things that work best.

After the celebration, while the guests enjoyed their aperitif by the pool, we took a short walk in the beautiful historic center of Montemerano.

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