Rimini Wedding Photographer | Linda & Marco

Rimini wedding photographer: I travel a lot in Italy and abroad to tell wedding stories and because of this I am used to meet people from all over the world.
Traveling, experiencing new cultures and ways of life is probably the main reason why I love my job.
This doesn’t mean that I can’t feel very lucky when I have the chance to tell a wedding story based in the place where I chose to live my life.

I often forget how much my region can offer.
You know, you can easy get used to beauty if you are always surrounded by it.
Sand beaches, unexpected colored hillsides and a such a tasty good food!

And what about people who live here: always smiley and welcoming. You can’t get always blind in front of this, at some point you realize how lucky you are and you wake up.
Like on Linda and Marco’s wedding day.

Linda and Marco are truly spontaneous and smiley.
She is as awesome as a 50’s actress.
Marco hides a good heart behind his smile.

Their traditional Italian wedding was so chic!
The religious ceremony was celebrated in an ancient sanctuary on the hills of Rimini, Santa Maria delle Grazie.
We also had the chance to do a short couple session by the sea, just an intimate, romantic moment for my couples to realize what just happened and to take some beautiful couple artistic portraits. And what about the wedding party, so much fun…


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