Venice wedding photographer – Ines and Miles

Being hired as a Venice wedding photographer was an opportunity I was looking for such a long time!
Venice is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, absolutely one of the most magical and romantic ones.
This is the reason why a lot of foreign people who wish to get married abroad are planning to have a photo session (wedding, pre wedding, elopement or engagement) here.

But shooting in Venice could be very tricky: every day thousands of tourists invade the city, fill the squares and all the caruggi are impracticable……taking photos at daybreak could be the only solution.
I had arranged to meet Ines and Miles early in the morning so I arrived at Venice the previous night.
I rentend a typical apartment in the middle of a  Venezian ghetto and this was a fantastic “life experience” inside this ancient city.

The day after I met Miles and Ines very early in the morning in a  quite empty St Mark’s Square……
We walked and laughed, we loved sunlight and hated the rain…..but I know every picture  I shot tells their love story.