Villa Balbianello Wedding Photographer

Villa Balbianello Wedding Photographer

Capturing Love under the Raindrops: Jamie and Marie’s Enchanting Villa Balbianello Wedding

On the serene shores of Lake Como, Villa Balbianello stands as a testament to elegance and romance.
It was here, amidst the lush gardens and historic architecture, that Jamie and Marie chose to celebrate their love.

Their wedding day, marked by unexpected rain, unfolded into a story of beauty, resilience and unforgettable moments.

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Villa Balbianello on Lake Como: a surprise around every corner

Nestled on the picturesque coast of Lake Como in Italy, this enchanting villa, with its elegant gardens and breathtaking views, offers a luxurious retreat for those seeking tranquility and sophistication in one of Italy’s most coveted destinations.

Villa Balbianello’s rich history dates back to the 18th century, showcasing a blend of Renaissance and Neoclassical architecture. Once the residence of prominent Italian aristocrats, the villa now welcomes visitors to explore its opulent interiors, adorned with exquisite artwork and furnishings.

The villa’s terraced gardens are a botanical paradise, featuring vibrant flowers, ancient trees, and stunning views of Lake Como. Stroll along the pathways lined with statues and fountains, or simply relax in the peaceful surroundings while soaking in the beauty of the Italian landscape.

With its romantic setting and timeless charm, Villa Balbianello is a popular choice for weddings. Imagine exchanging vows overlooking the sparkling waters of Lake Como or hosting an elegant soirée in this enchanting location.

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A Ceremony Under the Shelter of Villa Durini Loggia

The day began under the soft, diffused light of an overcast sky, as Marie prepared for her special day at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.
Known for its breathtaking lake views and luxurious ambiance, the hotel provided a serene backdrop for the bridal preparations.

The anticipation and excitement were palpable, as Marie, surrounded by her closest friends and family, got ready for the ceremony.
Despite the looming clouds, the mood was light and joyful.

The ceremony took place under the shelter of Villa Durini Loggia, a choice that proved to be both practical and picturesque.
The loggia, with its stunning arches and views of the lake, offered a romantic and intimate setting for Jamie and Marie to exchange their vows

Villa Balbianello Wedding Photographer
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Lake Como Villa Balbianello Wedding Photographer


The rain, far from dampening the spirits of the day, added a unique and beautiful dimension to the ceremony.
The soft patter of raindrops, the lush greenery of the villa’s gardens, and the misty lake in the background created a scene straight out of a fairy tale. 

Following the ceremony, the celebration continued at Lido di Lenno, a charming venue by the lake. The reception was a testament to Jamie and Marie’s resilience and their determination to make the most of their day, rain or shine. The cozy and warm atmosphere of Lido di Lenno, combined with the stunning views of Lake Como, made for an unforgettable evening.

For couples planning their wedding at Villa Balbianello or any other venue on Lake Como, this story serves as inspiration. Rain or shine, your wedding day can be a beautiful celebration of love, captured in photographs that will tell your story for generations to come.

In the end, Jamie and Marie’s wedding was not just about the stunning location or the unexpected weather; it was about the love they shared and the joy of being surrounded by their loved ones.
And as their Villa Balbianello wedding photographer, it was an honor to capture the beauty of their day, proving that even a rainy day can be perfect when love is in the air.

This wedding was shot with Alessandro e Veronica Ronacaglione, dear friends and excellent professionals.

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