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I believe my job is not just to tell a story, or at least not just that.
Everything cannot be reduced to taking pictures of the most important moments, creating memories for the people who have hired you.
I believe that more and more the photographer must be able to tell a story that is closely linked to his own, where narration is obviously important, but the narrative style must be equally fundamental, far from what may be general homologation of the photographic wedding industry.
Simply put, put your own.

Luca and Chiara are two very young people, beautiful and vital.
I was able to meet them thanks to the excellent wedding planner Roberta Patanè, who organized a really perfect and elegant wedding.

To document  the preparations, which are a fundamental part of the marriage story, I was first welcomed into the house of Luca by his cheerful family and his closest friends. I love when the groom gets ready with his groomsmen, when he creates that bit of confusion mixed with emotion that so stimulates my photography…

And then running to Chiara’s home.
A bride’s getting ready follows a slower ritual, the all-female attention to detail goes hand in hand with the words about feelings, expectations, memories, love. A different setting, other sensations, an approach to photography that is at times more delicate but always lowered into reality.
Luca and Chiara celebrated their catholic religious ceremony in the Chiesa dei Servi, in Rimini, near Borgo San Giuliano. A marvelous historical setting, with a particular light, the red of the bricks that blend with the late afternoon sun.
Then a walk in Rimini, in the historic village, in hidden corners. The right perspective, a different point of view, the desire to do something different because each couple is different and deserves the best.
Here they are finally at the stunning Villa Des Verges, the chosen location for the wedding reception.
History and elegance that merge, you will see from the photos that wonderful setting.
A sincere story of this day cannot but consider the wedding guests, the family and friends of the spouses themselves. Their energy, their joy and the sincere feelings they give to the couple are fundamental to give life to photography.

The photos have a soul because they refer to a lived experience.
They move us because we could all have been there and we would all like to share the happiness that shines out…

wedding photographer central italy wedding photographer central italy
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